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Wall Street Prospects


A little more about us

Wall Street Prospects creates E BOOKS designed to help you better understand your prospects and ways to approach them.

In our books, you will find that each page is dedicated to one interested prospects. Providing all their contact information, interests and reason they have requested contact.

Our company is dedicated to providing you with our E BOOKS to help you build your book of clients


We Started off as a Marketing company specializing in local data in 2010. Over the past several years we have grown to over 7 locations in the Midwest with over 4 billion records we house and update on a quarterly basis. We work with thousands of clientele on an annual basis.

We purchase information from credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax, Transunion as well as partnering with a company that provides us with Subscription based information.  The purpose of the Subscription based information is for when someone has a Morningstar or CBS Market Watch acct they typically give accurate and up-to date contact information.

We then combine all of this information and run it through different algorithms that our company has developed to help determine if these individuals would even be good candidates to contact.  We take into consideration things such as if they are active investors; have stocks and bonds, foreign investments, what kind of accounts they hold and many other indicators to determine if they would be qualified to be considered.

As these prospects are placed into groups we use further algorithms that reflect their hobbies and interests.  This helps us to exclude prospects who would not respond kindly to being contacted by a local professional.  After the prospects have been placed in the appropriate group we then send out newsletters if we have an email on file as well as making several points of contact through our auto dialer.

We scrub the prospects against the National and State DNC and as well we offer 1:1 replacement on internal clients.

Financial/Insurance & business leads

We target wealthier individuals by credit reporting and the location they live. We then cross-reference the information we have on them through all of our databases this allows us to run multiple algorithms throughout all the information reported on each lead.  Then we have a system that takes all this data and breaks it down to an excel form. Once it’s in excel we then scrub it against the original information we have for the individual from credit reporting. We already know a lot of their financial information from their credit reporting. For example if our system says someone should make $270,000 per year and credit reporting says they only make $90,000 a year its no longer a lead because obviously there is some discrepancies.  Our system is constantly gathering leads throughout the US and many other countries once it has enough leads in an area to create a package. It takes the center zip code within a certain radius and notifies our other system of the  zip code of where the groups are located. Then we send emails to every Licensed Professional  in that zip code usually with at least a series 7, and 63 licenses about the data that we have in their area.  We don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think you will make 60+ new clients from our list/ and or data. As much as we  wish that were the case it doesn’t work that way. You can expect a consistent average of around 7% of success with our company,  a lot just depends on how the information is worked. Obviously if you just blow through the list and don’t follow up with anyone and just leave voice mails you won’t get the same results as someone who works the list thoroughly.